About us

Performax Co. Ltd. was found in 1995 to manufacture household furniture, using natural raw material of water hyacinth braids to weave into covering upholstery. Water hyacinth is tropical water plant that can multiply itself in just a few weeks. Spreading heavily over waterway, they obstruct transportation, harm marine lives, and etc. Designers however are attracted by their strong fibers and beauty of their braids. Cultivate them from natural habitat is a form of environmental preservation.

Through creativities, researches, experiments, and refinements Performax has achieved the blending of elegant design with water hyacinth's natural beauty into furniture product. Gracefully integrated forms with functionalities that fulfill lifestyle of consumers who cherish simplicity and natural beauty.

In continue pursue of using eco-friendly material for its furniture product, in 2010 Performax started new range of product using bamboo as main material. Bamboos are planet's fastest growing plants that release more oxygen than any other plants. Planting more of them hence help keeping our planet green. They have the flexibility that cannot be found in other plants, and when properly treated can be harder than Oak wood. Performax bamboo furniture's bold designs are greatly deviated from traditional bamboo furniture style. Their extra ordinary resilience and strength are well exploited.

Performax offers full range of household furniture and accessories in modern and contemporary graceful style, for living room, bed room, and dinning room. Its product has been sold to over thirty countries around the world.